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On-Site Workshops For Your Team Get Buy-In · Eliminate Risk · Deliver Results

Are you failing to get buy-in on your innovation efforts?

What you need is alignment.

When you work with us to engage your health care organization, you’ll understand what patients, providers and payers need and build a solution that will be enthusiastically endorsed. Your entire team will speak the same language about why your innovation will work.

With the proven Innovation 90 Framework, you’ll have a simple process to frame your problem, co-create a solution, construct a prototype for feedback, build a Minimum Viable Product, and craft financial and change management plans. When you put the right people in the room, something magical happens.

Our on-site workshops are ideal for you if…

  • Everyone on your team has a different opinion about what to do
  • You’re redesigning an old or ineffective process and want to overcome resistance to change
  • You’re facing new customer, partner or organization demands and don’t know how to meet them

  • You need a repeatable process for creating innovation solutions people want
  • You want objective feedback from a innovation expert
  • Your organization is in transition and you want to get everyone on the same page

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How much is misalignment costing you today?

“Do not miss out on this workshop. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions and to listen better. The program is so easy that everyone can follow it and get engaged. I’d recommend it to any hospital needing to make change.”

Pam Delagardelle — President/CEO, UnityPoint Health

How many projects are underfunded? How many meetings result in wasted time? How many innovations don’t get adopted? How many people seem determined to stop progress? Are you losing credibility? A lack of buy-in may already be costing you a great deal.

If you’re wondering who in your organization should be included in the workshop, it’s best to bring a cross-functional team of people. This will ensure alignment on the problem, collaboration on the solution, and agreement on the 90-day Action Plan. If you’re not sure what role each person should play, take the 5-Minute Innovation Strength Finder now. You’ll get a personalized report explaining your strengths, your ideal innovation partner, and who else you’ll need to build your optimal team.

The Benefits Go Far Beyond The Workshop!


We’ll listen to your challenges and constraints. We’ll work together to identify what people need and what is broken today. Then, we’ll provide fresh insights to develop comprehensive solutions and prototypes for feedback across your organization.

Something magical happens in the room every time we do this.

You’ll see it too. The breakthroughs happen before your eyes. You’ll see people transform from resisters to adopters and smile as your team rallies around a common co-created solution.

Suddenly, all those innovation tasks won’t feel like a chore. You’ll work side by side with a Master Coach to dig in and get to a go/no go decision in just 90 days instead of a year or longer.

Best of all, you’ll see innovation adoption accelerate. People will feel part of the solution and want to see your idea succeed and instead of rejection you’ll experience adulation.

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The Deliverables:

  • A thorough understanding of the health care Innovation 90 Framework
  • Alignment on your innovation solution and a plan to execute it
  • A physical prototype for stakeholder input and feedback
  • An interview guide for collecting and analyzing stakeholder responses
  • 90 day access to our Master Coaches to make sure you're doing it right
  • Actionable steps and resources to build your Minimum Viable Product
  • A simple process to accelerate adoption across your organization
  • Feedback on your innovation pitch deck to decision makers in management


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Kurt Baumberger, CEO and Master Coach of Innovation 90, is passionate about understanding innovation and helping people bring their ideas to life.

He educates people to understand the challenges and resistance today’s innovators face and provide practical steps to get buy-in, traction, and backing in their organization. Kurt believes combining workshop events with ongoing coaching can be the catalyst for launching ideas big and small.

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